Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

We take the protection of your privacy seriously. That is why we wrote this Policy to explain the privacy practices of The Marble, The Print & The Clay Co.,Ltd,. This Privacy Policy covers how we protect your personal data including how we collect, process, store, and use your data, in order to protect your rights and for you to feel peace of mind when using our services. If you do not agree with part or whole of the Privacy Policy, please stop using our services immediately.

In the Privacy Policy, the first person ("we", "our", "us", "ours") denotes Marble Print Clay or any of its subsidiaries responsible for the collection of personal data and bound by this Policy. The second person ("you", "your", "yours") denotes the customer or the individual providing the personal data.

1. Scope

Before using the services offered by Marble Print Clay's website, mobile Web, and mobile applications ("Platforms"), please familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy, and agree to all the articles listed. If you do not agree to part or all of the articles, please do not use the services offered by our Platforms.

The Privacy Policy only applies to the collection, processing, storage, and use of your personal data by Marble Print Clay's Platforms. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of third-party companies, websites, people, or services, even when you access these from a link on our Platforms.

2. Notice for the Personal Information Protection Act

(1) Who is collecting the data: Marble Print Clay

(2) Why data is collected: To provide our services, marketing, contracts or agreements, other legally related matters, consumers and customer management and services, online shopping and other e-commerce services, advertising and commercial management, financial services, logistics services, related surveys and research analysis, and other business as designated in the business registration or organization charter. When providing personalized services, personal data may be used for purposes in addition to the ones specified above.

(3) Scope and type of data collection:

a. Identification: name, address, contact number, email address.

b. Characteristics: age, gender, date of birth, etc.

c. Cultural attributes: hobbies, leisure activities, lifestyle, consumption habits, etc.

d. We will collect information about your activities when using the Marble Print Clay in order to better recommend products or shops you may like or to provide other services of a similar nature. The type of information we will collect may include but is not limited to the following:

● Keywords and phrases you search for.

● The content you browse on Marble Print Clay, number of ad views and number of interactions.

● Transaction activities and records, usage time.

● The content you exchange or share on Marble Print Clay and who you exchange and share with.

● The device you use, operating system and IP address.

e. Other: email correspondence, website messages, system automatic tracking records, etc.

(4) Data use period: For as long as membership remains valid, or within 6 months of account deletion, or for non-members 6 months after the purpose of the data collection is no longer valid.

(5) Data use location: The location of Marble Print Clay's business operations and host server, which are currently based in Taiwan and Singapore.

(6) Who we give personal data to: Marble Print Clay and related businesses, and companies that help us provide services (e.g., logistics companies, financial institutions or gift sponsors, display product manufacturers); if data is collected by us in conjunction with another company, this will be indicated.

(7) How we use data: Data shall be used according to the above-mentioned scope, purposes, and this Privacy Policy.

(8) How to exercise your right to personal information: Under Clause 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, you can: (i) access or request to obtain your data, (ii) request for a copy of your personal data, (iii) request to add to, amend, or correct your personal data, (iv) request to stop the collection, processing, or use of your data, and (v) request to delete your data. To do so, please contact us. In the case of missing emails or miscommunication, action is subject to Marble Print Clay's reply. After a request is received, we will process the request as soon as possible.

(9) Filling in optional information: If the personal data requested are stated as optional, not filling these in will not affect your right to use our services; nonetheless, filling these in will enable us to provide a better browsing experience on our Platforms.

3. Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Data

After acquiring your approval, some information from our Platforms may be posted on your social media pages (e.g., Facebook). If you do not approve, please do not click the agree button, or later remove or deny the posting of such information through the social network's membership settings. If you have further questions, please contact us; we will do our best to assist you with your query. We will not arbitrarily offer your personal data to third parties, except when required to by legal and inspection bodies, related authorities, or companies that help us provide services.

When all or part of Marble Print Clay or our Platforms are separated, operating as a subsidiary company, or merged into or purchased by a third party, and thus leading to a transfer of management rights, we will make an announcement in advance on our website. It is possible that in the process of transferring management rights, part or all of our users' personal data would also be transferred to a third party. Only personal data pertinent to the management rights transfer will be shared. When only part of Pinkoi or our Platforms are transferred to a third party, you will remain our member. If you do not want us to continue using your personal data, you can make a request in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

4. Cookies

For later identification, when you use the services provided by our website, we may set and access your cookies. You can decide whether or not to accept cookie in your computer settings or Internet settings. Please note that turning off cookies may result in reduced functionality or the disabling of certain features of our website.

5. Confidentiality and Security

Staff members with access to your personal data will be restricted to those for whom we reasonably believe that such access is necessary for providing our products or services to you, or for completing relevant tasks. To protect your account and personal data, please do not reveal your username or password to a third party, nor allow a third party to apply for an account using your personal information. If you choose to reveal your personal information to third parties, you will be personally responsible for any subsequent adverse actions. If your account username or password is compromised, please immediately change your password or ask us to suspend your account (we may ask for personal information to confirm your identity).

The Internet is not a secure environment for transmitting information. Therefore, when you use our Platforms, please do not give sensitive information to third parties or post such information on our Platforms.

6. Protection of Minors

Our Platforms are not designed for minors. Users under 18 should acquire permission from a parent or legal guardian before using our services, or use our services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. Furthermore, the parent or legal guardian must agree to our collecting or using of any personal data provided. The parent or legal guardian may ask Pinkoi to suspend their minor's account, or to stop the collection, processing, and use of their minor's personal data, at any time.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

You will be notified of any amendments to the Privacy Policy via email or website message. We will also post an announcement on our website. By continuing to use of our Platforms following any amendments, you would be deemed to have agreed to the amendments. If you do not agree, please notify us, in accordance with the Privacy Policy, to stop collecting, processing, and using your personal data.

You may amend your personal details at any time from your account settings. We reserve the right to send you messages regarding Marble Print Clay's news and services, and management announcements. These messages are regarded as a part of your membership agreement, and cannot be opted out of.