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Artists could been making etching or lithograph with our skilled printer to create a print that neither could make on his or her own at MarblePrintClay or provide your images for our master printer to do the editioning service.


Don Mak 麥震東

Don Mak is an illustrator born and brought up in Hong Kong. The passion and artistry bloomed early. At 16, he left school and joined the local comic talents. He later continued his studies in arts and design, ever enriching the wealth of knowledge and skills gained in the working years. In 2009, he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Design – Visual Communication from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Don Mak has been a member of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators since 2004. Since graduation, he has been illustrating freelance for magazines, publishers and advertising agencies. He later founded DONMAK & CO., a Hong Kong based illustration studio.





畢業於國立台北藝術大學美術系,主修版畫,擅長透過『油印木刻版』的版畫表現形式來創作。現成立個人版畫工作室【蝸的時間slow‧print studio】,教學之於,以慢 ‧ 印的創作模式來享受生活、經驗分享。


2015 / 中華民國第30屆版印年畫羊年 首獎
2016 / 一O五年全國美術展 版畫類 入選
2016 / 中華民國第十七屆國際版畫雙年展 入選
2016 / 日本鹿兒島 第1回「枕崎国際芸術賞展」佳作
2017/ 中華民國第32屆版印年畫雞年 優選  展覽經歷
2015 / 【台灣當代版畫創作展】聯展‧嘉義鐵道藝術村5號倉庫
2015 / 中華民國第30屆版印年畫【吉羊如意-羊年年畫特展】‧國美館
2016 / 【版印年畫特展】聯展‧印 原創版畫 / 台中
2016 / 一O五年全國美術展‧國美館
2016 / 中華民國第十七屆國際版畫雙年展‧國美館
2016 / 第1回「枕崎国際芸術賞展」‧枕崎市文化資料中心南溟館 / 鹿兒島 / 日本
2016 /【牧羊驢】‧枕崎市文化資料中心南溟館 /鹿兒島 / 日本
2017/ 中華民國第32屆版印年畫【雞年年畫特展】‧國美館
2017/ 新春-版印年畫展‧岩筆模 / 台北 典藏 2015 /【數羊】‧國美館 / 台中/ 台灣




若能觸摸的就代表了真實,《FLOATING PERSPECTIVE》這個展覽,藝術家以圖像媒界的經驗提問圖像的真實性與各種媒界的可信性。以創作形式為概念的一部分,透過版畫、攝影和裝置作多重創作,去除形式的限制,抽取出各種幻象。繁複的創作過程,轉化虛無的資訊與重現不同的現實。無法輕易言喻的作品,雕塑出獨特的藝術體驗。一切真實及幻象,實體與概念,一併安靜展現於無法辨識的空間。我們正在觀看著一個怎樣的世界,怎樣的真實?即便握在手中,又能觸碰到概念上的真實嗎?希望觀眾在觀看與觸摸作品的兩種經驗中,重新思考圖像、媒界和我們之間的關係。




“The Critical Mass” Old Cheng - With ample experience in graphic design and advertising, Old Cheng (Benny) captures the nuances of everyday life in his iPhone and combines the photographs with a few simple words to create a series of witty art pieces. Along with the 75 conceptual photographs displayed in the Critical Mass, you will also see the interior design of MPC studio meticulously designed by Old Cheng.


artist print-christina 2.jpg

Christina Suen

Growing up as an 80′s child in Hong Kong, Christina was not gifted to become a person of any sort of athletic or musical attainment. Unfortunate as one can be, however, nobody was born to be a complete loser. At the age of six, Christina miraculously won a coloring competition and was rewarded a Hello Kitty drawing book and a case of 24-color crayons as her best achievement in life thus far. Realizing she could not be the next Alexander Popov or Ludwig van, Christina started believing she could develop her skills in drawing as more than a casual habit… Christina is influenced by great artists such as Lucien Freud, Jan van Eyck, and her love and admiration for the littlest things in life. At times she also likes to look into space and indulge herself in thoughts of nothingness. This gives her a sense of reality.

林雅涵(Lin Ya Han)

2011- 清華大學 –藝術教育與創作碩士 Department of Arts and Design The Master Program of Arts Education and Creation

Awards 獲獎

2016 新竹美展 水墨膠彩類 優選
2016 桃源美展 膠彩類 入選
2015 新竹教育大學 典藏
2014 中國當代青年水墨年鑑
2014新竹美展 墨彩類 佳作
2013 ART BANK 藝術銀行 收藏
2012第11屆彩墨新人大賞 佳作
2012 GEISAI TAIWAN#3 余德耀獎
2010第28屆桃源美展 膠彩類-入選
2009第8屆 彩墨新人大賞-入選
2009新竹美展水彩組 -入選
2009第3屆 美哉台灣華陽獎-佳作
2009第21屆北縣美展 全國組 水墨類 -入選
2009第56屆中部美展 水墨類-入選
2008 全國學生美展大專美術組 水墨類 -優等

Serene Hui Sze-Lok

Born in Hong Kong Serene responds visually to the environment and experiences gathered. Working with multidisciplinary approach - embodying conceptual installations and works on paper (Chinese ink paintings & illustrations) - her works are process reflection about philosophical ideas, moods and perception. With a preoccupation with the abstract concept of time, her works often resulting as a minimalistic visual-poetry that evokes re-inspection of daily encounters.



2016 Professor Mayching Kao Fine Arts Fund - Artist-in-residence, Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2014 APPortfolio vol.5, shortlisted, APPortfolio vol.5 finalist



2012 - 2016 Private collections, Hong Kong & Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden


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