MPC also have one-day try-out workshops and tailor-made technique-focused courses to promote printmaking and mixed media creation to a greater audience. Appointments by individuals or groups are welcome. It is also recommended for workmates to join as a group after work as a little getaway from the mundane life.

另一方面,MPC 致力推廣版畫和混合媒介創作,設有一天的版畫體驗和混合媒介藝術工作坊,以及度身訂製的長短期深造課程。工作坊歡迎個人、小組預約,亦非常適合公司和團體作聯誼聚會用途,為繁忙枯燥的都市生活增添藝術趣味。


Marbling Workshop

you capture your design by laying a treated piece of fabric or paper down on top of the paint to transfer the swirls to the fabric. It is that easy!

MPC excited to share that my Marbling workshop to you….We’ll be tackling the art of paper and fabric marbling. Students will learn techniques to manipulate inks on the surface of a water bath and then transfer these designs to both paper and fabric – leaving with a beautiful set of paper prints or a treated piece of fabric. It is that easy and fun! For more information, please email us.

通過將一塊經過處理的織物或紙張放在油漆頂部以將漩渦傳遞到織物上來捕捉您的設計。 就這麼簡單!

MPC很高興與您分享我的Marbling工作室......我們將解決紙張和織物大理石花紋的藝術問題。 學生將學習如何在水浴表面操作墨水,然後將這些設計轉移到紙張和織物上 - 留下一套漂亮的紙質印花或經過處理的織物。 這很簡單有趣! 有關更多信息,請給我們發電子郵件


Hello Print Workshop

是咁的,因為版畫實在係太多玩法,MPC 嘅工作坊都轉制喇。越少人越好玩,得閒單拖上嚟玩又得,一家人上黎玩都得。


Our long awaited printmaking workshop is now changed to private sessions, more flexible, more personalised, more focus, more fun! Contact us for more details. See you soon! Cheers! 

Etching Jewellery Worksop 

當模版得而完整保存,圖紋就可以被重覆印刷。若然模版被切割成吊墜,印刷品就成為世上獨一無二的限量版。黎我哋 嘅工作坊整返個屬於你自己的限量版啦!想留位就快手啦!

A pattern can be printed more than once as long as the matrix* is kept intact. If you transform the matrix to a pendant, the print becomes a limited edition, your one and only. Join our workshop, to create your own limited edition. The number of places is limited, to reserve your spot, contact us now! (*A matrix means the mould or the template of a print.)