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A space for Arts, Events and commercial activities. Cozy space to organise various types of events and exhibitions Allow artists to rent an exhibitions space to promote their works. For pricing & information please contact us at info@mpcstudio.com.hk


Old Cheng’s artist

Old Cheng is an award-winning graphic designer with more than 35 years experience in the worlds of advertising and communications. In Critical Mass, Cheng draws on the creative dualism of advertising media to partner a unique pictorial perspective with an incisive and pithy prose, revealing in the process a more holistic and provocative conceptual experience. He now runs his own design studio.

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@MPC 版畫體驗工作坊

今年六月台灣藝術家許以璇,將來到香港Marble Print & Clay進行駐地創作, 並舉辦於香港的第一次版畫體驗活動。 [蝸的時間@ MPC] 謝謝各位踴躍參加,工作室座無虛席 大家都印了好多層顏色的版畫,過了一個充實的週日


Jessica Fu’s artist

When I gaze the satellite imagery of disasters, I realize that we, as the audience, have been only acting as observers and looking from far away; we have never been able to impact this “reality” at all. This kind of helplessness has intrigued me to work with the concept of distance in term of space. In my imagination, I was able to get out of the physical body experience and travel among the ocean waves, across the dark, starry night and even jumping into the black hole from a “floating” perspective. Every day, we learn both history and the present through reading such kind ofimagery, but due to the distance between the imagery and the reality, we would probably never be able to reach to the actual reality. Such a distance has been embedded into both our emotions and the essentiality of the subject matter. Only until we isolate the senses in our experience, such as sound, light, shadow, shape and frequency, could we only be reminded of the flatness of reality through this piece of flat Illuminator in front of us; therefore, I wonder what else deep inside us could be awakened. Are there fear, memory or beliefs? 


The multiple process of etching is another metaphor to this work. In order to create the desired visual impact, it goes through the erosion of chemical acid and many layers of retouching. Therefore, it has re-defined the meaning of the work with a total different materiality experience but meanwhile, under the same concept of the imagery making. This experience reminded the audience that the process is actually aggressive and violent, but ironically in turn, it is delicately printed on fragile paper that is almost translucent, further more, it is able to be presented to audience in a physical form. The contrast of the materiality and process brings the audience to another level of understanding of the relationship between the imagery and reality. 


Sensory Zero x Marble Print Clay x WPM

這是咖啡與藝術的盡心呈現。 我們透過咖啡和銅版畫的用心製作找到更多值得珍惜的美麗事物。 整個合作項目不經不覺已經半年。除了在Sensory Zero太古城誠品店已經掛上我們的六幅銅版畫和Marbling掛幅,還有咖啡機。之後會在更多地方會見到我們的作品呢~

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百好繪本士多 Nov 19 2016 流動繪本館,第4個成員和大家見面。 明天,中山紀念公園,維港的版書工作坊。


KÉRASTASE, French professional haircare Joint Promotion x Hotel Sav

Kerastase was partner with MPC to host a workshop in SAV Green Picnic Day




活動場地:Marble Print & Clay(觀塘成業街15-17號成運工業大廈7樓5室)












XYZ Mini Exhibition

Grand Opening of MPC Printmaking Studio

“XYZ mini exhibition” Terrance Leung, Bambi Lam & David Jasper Wong XYZ is a mini exhibition that celebrate the unlikely friendship between three artists and the wonderful nature of art. The exhibition features a selection of artworks that best represent each of the three artists. There are conventional prints, experimental prints, mixed media paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. The wide variety of techniques, media, and themes are intended to give the audiences a chance to understand the multifaceted nature their art.


Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.
— Leonardo da Vinci
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