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Christian Suen


Christina Suen is an illustrator who currently lives in Hong Kong and a citizen of the world at heart.

Christina’s work, epitomized by her ‘People Standing’ series, can be described as quirky, fun with a humourous dark side and painstakingly meticulous. Her inspiration for her illustration comes from her travels around the world, the characters in her life and perhaps from a mysterious past life, which she doesn’t like to talk about.

插畫家Christina來自香港,她在2010年開始個人創作項目,名為Christina Can Draw。



When the Wind Blows is a series of 4 intaglios done with etching. The 4 drawings were originally made for a magazine when I was living in Shanghai, a time when air pollution affected me quite severely. 

In Shanghai, people put masks on their faces and air purifiers at home as a temporary solution to their problem. 

I created this series of four characters and connected them all with hair. Messy hair is a result from strong wind that blows and brings us dust and harmful substances. We breathe in bad air involuntarily as if we are allowing bad things to take over our bodies. But we don’t have a choice. As time goes by, funny things such as berries growing out of people’s hair start to happen. 

When The Wind Blows來自2013年為中國版COSMOPOLITAN畫的一套插畫,靈感來自氣候變化為生活帶來的影響。空氣污染在中國已經成為一個不能漠視的問題,雖嚴重的時候,我正居住於上海。當時,很多人以口罩、空氣清新機等外物來暫時處理問題,慢慢適應了這種治標不治本的方法。因為空氣污染不會短期內為我們身體帶來明顯的改變,它是會慢慢入侵我們身體造成影響。我想以人物面容作為基礎,舞動的頭髮代表著強風帶給我們的已經不是單純的“風”,而是空氣中夾雜著不同種類的塵埃和有害物,在呼吸的時候任由它們進入蠶食我們的身體。由於這些都是肉眼看不見的禍害,往往使我們的危機意識減低,因此我以畫筆畫出一個個從主角頭髮裡長出的果子,代表一種肉眼能看到的後果。

這四幅畫依次序分別取名為Christian,Joyce,Scott和Anonymous。首三個都是我在上海的好朋友(大陸稱為「閨蜜」),我們四個曾經參與藝術家朋友高靈的一個同樣是有關空氣污染的創作《The Big Mist》項目,因此這次插畫便以他們作為人物的藍本。(最後一個Anonymous本來是我自己,但最後還是覺得把她定為無名氏比較好)。